To the best mama in the world. Today is your day!

Thank you for being a FUN MOM. One who has no problem chasing through a jungle gym meant for her nephew’s birthday. One who screams louder than the kids at the party because she is the life of any party

Thank you for helping our kids believe in magic. Believe in the good things in the world. Believe that miracles can happen. 

Even when you are completely exhausted ....

You are still giving 100% of yourself 🙂

Thank you for being the best mom in the galaxy. JoJo, Jalen, and I are beyond grateful to have you in our lives

I asked Junebug if you are the best mom in the world, and what is her favorite thing about you …. 

Happy Mother’s Day our beautiful, goofy, fun loving, country loving, driven, caring, **always cleaning**, supportive, all around best mom. Thank you for being the anchor for us. 



Love, JoJo, Jalen, Diesel Dragon 5-14-2023